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Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Note 5 April 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, samsung products are being intensively promoted continuously in order to increase sales in the competitive world of latest mobile phones. As well as giving the impression of a product with the latest Fiture previous Galaxy Note series like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Smart phone which was released in premium phablet brings many features that are useful in lightening the workload. Especially if you are an office employee and corporate leaders. Premium phablet because it is created for it.

In the event, the giant factory Samsung introduced its newest product to the public, yes to ente-ente all, yes cave too: D. The new product is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Lots of interesting things on Samsung unpacked 2015 event yesterday. And in the mind of the cave is, here the product is going to be a big problem for the competitors in the gadget world. How not, a lot of new breakthrough in Samsung's Galaxy Note 5. Most make the cave chills is when the presenter both out. He introduced what he called the "Keyboard Cover". Honestly cave already miss the sensation of typing with the keyboard buttons on the phone. But this time longing caves have missed. For those of you who do not know what it was Samsung Keyboard Cover, please check the picture below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera

keyboard Cover

Then in addition to that, the latest breakthrough in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the S Pen, Smart Multitasking, Refined Camera, Battery, Video Live Broadcast, and Sidesync. Caves will try to briefly describe the sense of some of the new features.

Samsung S Pen

Writing is easy, even in the dead of the screen, so the battery saving is not it?

S Pen, the cave is a student at a university campus in Yogyakarta. And one being a lazy problem cave is a cave nyatat when lecturing. And the rich not just a cave, a friend next to the bench was the same cave. No-no just reason he's not nyatat. Some do not take notes, sometimes pen runs out. But it seems the problem is solved. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 via its S Pen that is going to allow us to record the students in the class. S Pen can be easier for us to write on the phone. Just like writing on a piece of writing paper. And another great, the S Pen can be used in the condition of the phone is locked. So, of course it is going to be able to save battery life, we can use to record longer.

Samsung smart multitasking

Open apps simultaneously in order to work quickly completed smoothly.

Smart Multitasking, lately cave often open applications simultaneously, with the hope that the work can be completed quickly cave together anyway. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 brings the features of Smart Multitasking, which allows you to open applications simultaneously, and great the app is still running when you minimize, so you will not lose any data or fear of the application is closed. And of course dong smoothly, without jamming lag at all.


Imagine, fast movements can be caught on camera without blur.

Refined Camera, cave worry because this app stores selling cameras camcorders going bankrupt. Why? Due to the features of Samsung's latest, you can record video with a steady even when you record in running condition. Samsung to provide improvements to the camera stabilizer and with an additional feature called VDIs and OIS, making the movement of video you can record stable. Not just video, photos are also the same. You can capture a moving object with focus, not the slightest blur.

wireless charging

Charge the phone more easily without wires, even an hour faster.

Battery, ya that makes Samsung is getting one step ahead. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 brings new features that Wireless Charging. Namely the charging process that does not require a cable plugged into the phone. So stay you put the phone on the charger plate. Caves are also confused how a battery can be full, but the cord does not connect, haha. And that makes the cave more confused, with the way they said charging process can be many times faster gan! cor.

Samsung Video Live Broadcast

Record video while family and distant relatives there watching live via Youtube.
Video Live Broadcast, Samsung realized the importance of sharing moments with family and friends nearby. Well then the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 supports what is called Video Live Broadcast. This feature allows you to record video, and then also you can stream the video to Youtube, and friends or family who are far away there you can also watch live what you are recording. Hmm ... this is the first feature that is going to cave try after can ya phone.

Samsung sidesync

Share photos between PCs to HP with ease. Semuah drag and drop.

Sidesync, naahh ... this is it. You've not it when you're chatting and then also want to send photos to your friends that you call it? But these photos are on your computer or your laptop. Repot it if need colokin cable, move and open this file and send via mobile phones, and bla bla bla. Well but that's not a problem anymore because now there Sidesync features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. That feature makes it easy to share your photos on the computer, as easy as drag and drop and without wires. Hmm..bakalan bankrupt nih USB cable plant.

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